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"Petroleum Exploration in Fold and Thrust Belts - and Beyond" 
-Dr. Peter Jones.

SUMMARY: This course deals with the practical problems that exploration geologists and geophysicists encounter in their daily work in structurally complex areas. Problems include log correlation, interpretation, and reinterpretation of geologic and geophysical data to create new exploration or exploitation possibilities. The Structural Source Book (300+ pages) contains chapters on fault systems, folds, duplex structures, gravity driven structures, mud volcanoes, inversion tectonics, and exploration methods, and is illustrated with many practical examples from different continents.  Hundreds of 35mm slides are used to illustrate various topics within the PowerPoint presentation.  They include aerial views of structures taken by Dr. Jones from his own aircraft specifically for the course. Workshop problems include both actual and simulated structural problems of petroleum geology. Although some topics of structural Geology may not be covered during the 3 days of the course, all aspects of the science are covered in the Structural Source Book that is provided to each participant as a resource for years to come.

PRICE: $1575 (GST included) Click here to pay on-line or telephone (403) 264-0173 for other arrangements.

BIO: Sr. Mentor Dr. Peter Jones is a petroleum geologist consulting in Calgary, Canada.  He has been involved in petroleum and minerals exploration since the nineteen - fifties, and spent two years as an assistant professor of geology in Ethiopia.  Working for BP, Amerada Hess and Dome Petroleum in Calgary, Canada, he carried out subsurface and field studies of the North American Cordillera, Alaska, Arctic Canada and the Canadian Shield.  In 1980 he formed International Tectonic Consultants Ltd. to specialize in petroleum exploration in deformed belts.  This work has taken him to Russia, Kazakstan, China, France, Poland, U. K., U. S. A., Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Colombia, and Cuba, between working in Calgary on domestic and other international projects (Ukraine, Georgia, Bolivia, Argentina, Pakistan, Egypt). He has received numerous awards as a result of his research and numerous publications.

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction."
- John Crosby

Peter B. Jones, D. Sc., Acad. Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, P. Geol.

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